Natalie Portman is popular for many roles in film over the years, as well as her recent debut as the prima ballerina in a remake of Swan Lake, The Black Swan.  While I appreciate her talents as a recognized young actress, I don’t for the life of me understand her style on the red carpets at such events including the SAG awards and the Golden Globes.  Natalie may be a cute pregnant woman, but not cute enough for me to casually not notice the rest of her shape……and what she chooses to cover it.

In the image to the left, Natalie sports a metallic look (metallics apparently are “So In” again, even though they’ve been “So In” for the past 30 years) on the collar and cuffs of a black and white dress.

Okay.  I’ve got time.

The dress is hideous.  I know there are bigger things to protest against besides sheer white silk, but I’m considering government appoval on this one.  Offensive.  The otherwise shape does nothing for her body.  Let it be known I think Natalie looks good in many loose-fitting shifts, but this dress, the flirty hemline, and the metallic accents all make me think it was put together with leftover swatches and a bad Mathlete-Goes-to-Prom pattern.  Let’s move on.

Her shoes are boring and blase, but…okay.

Lastly, I hope she wrote Clinic a letter thanking them for their bonus make-up bag they give customers with a purchase for $50 or more.  It’s so practical to use it as a handbag now!  Green really is great.

Next we have the Screen Actors Guild awards.  I absolutely love it when woman wear their pregnancy proudly and show off their tummy-pout, but the only things I

like to see shrink-wrapped are frozen chickens.  This dress comes off to me like it was not meant for maternity wear.  There is a waist band that sits low on the hips, giving Natalie’s tummy a weird focus and the pleats on the top doing nothing for a flatering figure.  The crystals?  I could live without.  Their placement and sectioning-off doesn’t seem rythmic or interesting. But hey–on a good note, NP left her clinic bag at home with the defrosting chicken.

The third gown, seen to the right, is at the Golden Globes.  And while I’ve been harsh on Natalie Portman’s style, I don’t hate this choice.  I think to be short, it’s sweet and romantic, but most of all, resembles her as a person.  That’s the best part F.Y.I.–to be able to wear something that’s a great fit, fashionable, and the type of thing where when someone sees you in it says–“yep, that looks like you”.  You really want to keep fashion personable to your own style and personality.  My biggest suggestion is that she trades this very silky, slippery material for a muted chiffon.  I doubt I would ever wear a gown like this, or even suggest it to many, but I appreciate the sweetness of the red rose.  And as some fashion critics have noted–enough with the multitude of red accessories…until you’re sponsored by Tampax, don’t feel obligated to pull your half of the Awareness campaign.

P.S. For the record-this is my favorite maternity look–cascading layers of light material.