I’m all for winter white.  What better color to choose to make a memorable statement during the holiday season than the simple, yet not always obvious choice of white?  Well Gwyneth Paltrow certainly hits the memorable mark with this floor length Emilio Pucci gown.  I adore Pucci, but what was Paltrow thinking when she donned this dress to the red carpet premier of her latest movie, Country Strong?  When I came across this picture, I actually looked online to buy tickets to her next stand up show.

From the front, the dress couldn’t be more perfect.  I think nothing is more beautiful than a dress that has the ability to speak volumes with such a simple design.  However, once Paltrow takes that inevitable spin to show her backside, she takes a turn for the worse.  A neck-to-toe long slit is daring, yet not the reason the dress goes all wrong.  The reason is how the slit was executed with criss-crossing ties all the way down.  I’d like to see something as daring as this tried again, but for the record, this was plain awful!

Applause goes to Kate Hudson for keeping Pucci’s reputation solid as she too wears one of his white dresses to the SAG awards in 2010.  Kate shows the perfect choice to keep white modern and fresh on the red carpet.  The small crystal details compliment Kate’s dainty figure and glowing persona.